Wild West Dynasty Unveils Launch Trailer Ahead of February Release

Welcome to the Wild West 

The journey into the west is drawing ever closer. I hope you’re ready to get going, partner. Today, developer Moon Punch Studio is excited to unveil the newest trailer for their upcoming open world sandbox game, Wild West Dynasty. The game is allowing players to explore a massive wild west adventure,  where pioneers, gunslingers, outlaws, and more lie in wait. A press release provides more details on the game. Of course, the new launch trailer lets players see what awaits them in the wild, wild, west. 

Wild West Dynasty

Wild West Dynasty introduces players to the grand world of the Wild West. Combing an array of genres, the game uses elements from RPG’s, settlement building games, and business sims. Furthermore, players can look forward to experiencing action and story as well. Importantly, all of these elements work together, aiming to make players feel like they are truly building a life in the Old West. From humble and low beginnings, players will make the life that they want in the west. Become a success story. However, be ready. Success tends to draw unwanted attention. You’ll need to be ready to defend your claim.

Importantly, players can check out  the new launch trailer for the game. Of course, the trailer shows off the gameplay, art style, and what you can expect from the first or third person gameplay of Wild West Dynasty. Check out the trailer below. 

Wild West Dynasty  is releasing for PC via Steam on February 16th. So, are you ready to ride into the old West?