Wall World, Tower Defense Roguelike, Releases Demo Today

Welcome to the Wall 

Welcome to a seemingly endless wall that you ascend in your mechanical arachnid. It’s fraught with dangers, riches, and adventure. Death lurks everywhere, but mining will keep you going. Today, Alawar Premium is excited to announce the release of the demo for their upcoming roguelike, Wall World. Out today, the demo is giving players a chance to experience the game’s world and mechanics for themselves. Of course, a press release delves into some details about the world of the game as well as what the demo has in store. Additionally, players can check out the new trailer from yesterday. 

Wall World

Wall World places players aboard their very own giant robot spider. Embarking on an adventure, scaling an endless wall, players will need to learn to mine, fight, and survive as they travel up the wall. Of course, the wall is full of various biomes players can explore and discover. However, it’s not all climbing and mining. Players will face off against endless hordes of monsters, finding time for exploration and resource gathering between waves of attacks. Set in a unique 2D world, players can use an arsenal of weapons, spider upgrades, and more as they try to survive. 

The Wall World demo features updated controls and digging mechanics, new enemy types and locations, lots of balance tweaks and even more improvements. Of course, players can check out the new trailer for the game. View it below. 

Wall World is currently in development. The demo is available on Steam. So, are you ready to enter Wall World?