Turbo Overkill Ups The Ante With Endless Mode Update

A Bloodbath 

Get ready to escalate the violence. Endlessly. Are you ready for a new challenge? Today, Apogee Entertainment announced the latest update for their cyberpunk FPS adventure, Turbo Overkill. This update introduces protagonist Johnny Turbo to an endless fight for survival that grows increasingly more difficult as time passes. Of course, a press release provides more details on this new game mode. Additionally, a new endless mode trailer gives players a glimpse at what they can expect. 

Turbo Overkill

Turbo Overkill places players in the shoes of cybernetic hero, Johnny Turbo. Locked in a battle over the cyberpunk city of Paradise against the tyrannical A.I Syn and his hordes of followers. This time, the hordes are endless and only getting more difficult. Importantly, the endless mode update introduces players to an increasingly difficult arena mode where players must survive against hordes of enemies. Of course, players begin with only Johnny’s magnums, his shotgun, and his chainsaw leg. As players advance through the endless mode they will get a rest and recovery section every three rounds. During the break rounds players can heal, restock their ammo, and spend hard earned cash from the round previous on new weapons and upgrades. 

Of course, players can check out the new Turbo Overkill Endless Mode trailer for a look at the new game mode. Take a look at what’s in store for you below. 

Turbo Overkill episode 2 is available now on Steam. Currently, the game costs $19.95. The game will be available on consoles sometime in 2023. So, are you excited to jump into the endless mode?