SMITE Announces Newest Hunter: Martichoras the Manticore King

Prepare to Feast on Gods 

A great hunter is approaching the battleground of the gods. A scorpion’s tail fires armor piercing stingers. Lion’s claws tear flesh. Prepare for the Manticore King. Today, Hi-Rez Studios announced the newest character coming to their free-to-play MOBA, Smite. A new cinematic trailer shows off the long awaited Manticore himself as he stalks a lone minion. Of course, a press release discusses the role the new character will play in game. Additionally, players can get a look at the ferocious character model in the new cinematic trailer. 


Smite’s season of the monsters has already introduced players to the titanic fire giant, Surtr. Now, the season continues introducing new horrors to the battleground. Martichoras is an addition to the hunter class, using his tail to fire stingers at enemy gods. Importantly, his unique basic attacks deal damage over time. Of course, the king of manticores is a hunter in nature and as such knows how to stalk his prey. He may deploy a patch of stealth grass that allows him and his allies to hide from foes. From the long grass, he will launch a burst of poison from his stinger. Additionally, his wings are not useless. His ultimate ability will see him take to the sky bombarding foes with a storm of toxic poisons, a whole poisonous storm. 

Players can get a look at Smite’s new predatory hunter in the cinematic trailer for Martichoras. Check out the Manticore King in all of his glory below. 

Currently Smite is available for free on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. So, are you excited for the long awaited release of the manticore? Do you have your duo lane partner ready to support you? Hopefully, because Martichoras release on February 21st.