Redemption Reapers Prepares for Battle With New Release

The Darkness is Arriving 

Prepare to face humanities last stand. The end is upon us. It’s time for one last hope. Today, developer AdGlobe and publisher Binary Haze Interactive released a new cinematic trailer for their dark fantasy strategy RPG, Redemption Reapers. Releasing just ahead of the game’s launch next week, on February 23rd, the trailer is showing off the art style and gameplay of the game. Of course, a press release also provides more details about the title. 

Redemption Reapers

Redemption Reapers introduces players to the Ashen Hawk Brigade. A once despised group of mercenaries, now they are humanities last hope. The game takes place in a world where humanity is on its last legs, as the terrifying Mort army slaughters everything in its path. Importantly, players will recruit, train, and plan the Ashen Hawk Brigades moves as they wage war against the Mort.  Fight through war-torn villages, castles and snowfields to flank the enemy. Furthermore, your moves matter. Your choices matter for every individual warrior in your army. Think about how to trigger surprise attacks, weapons combos and more as they fight for what remains of humanity. 

The new cinematic trailer gives fans a taste of what they can expect from Redemption Reapers. The trailer shows off the art style, gameplay and cinematic battles that await players in game. Check it out below. 

Redemption Reapers launches February 22nd on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game features an all star cast including talent from Kingdom Hearts III, Ender Lilies, and Fire Emblem.