Isonzo Unleashes Free River Piave Update

Rivers of Blood 

The Great War rages on. The front is expanding, and it’s time to do battle once more. Today, BlackMill Games is excited to announce the release of the second update for their WWI FPS game, Isonzo. A part of the same series as the hit FPS game Verdun, Isonzo invites players to a realistic battlefield on the Italian front of the Great War. A press release provides more details about the update. Additionally, players can check out the new expansion trailer for a better look at the battle that awaits. 


Isonzo introduces players to high-altitude combat in the Alps during WWI. Where Verdun and Tannenberg each introduced players to distinctive fronts of the war, Isonzo is no different. Importantly, players will be engaging in the same squad-based warfare fans of the series know and love. But now, players are doing battle on the Italian front using historically accurate weapons, and strategies the places them in a true war experience. 

The new River Piave update is expanding this experience. The Caporetto Expansion is bringing players access to three new offensive maps, as well as, two new weapons. Of course, the new maps will be giving new objectives for both the Italian and German soldiers fighting over the river. Where the Germans seek to cross, building a bridge to victory, the Italians will aim to stop them. Blood will be shed over the river Piave. 

Isonzo is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox Consoles. Currently the game is available for $38.99. So, are you ready for battle?