Darkest Dungeon II Releases New Character- “Suffer No Sin” Update

A Long Awaited Return

It is time to stand against madness and sin. Prepare yourselves to venture into the Darkest Dungeon once again, with a new character. Today, Red Hook Studios is pleased to announce the latest update for their turn-based RPG roguelike, Darkest Dungeon II. The update, titled “Suffer No Sin”, re-introduces a fan favorite character in the form of The Vestal. A press release provides more details on the update, as well as, what’s to come for Darkest Dungeon II. Additionally, a new trailer for The Vestal gives players a look at the return of the character. 

Darkest Dungeon II

Leaving Early Access on May 8th, the game invites players on a trip of the damned. Combining the RPG and roguelike elements of the first game with 3D animation, new gameplay mechanics, and systems, the game is reflective of the first while feeling like a lovely departure. Importantly the inclusion of The Vestal brings the number of playable heroes up to eleven. And she is bringing a whole back of useful tricks, to purge the sinful. 

The Vestal is much more versatile in Darkest Dungeon II. Importantly, in this iteration, she takes on the role of a “healer-tank”. Capable of inflicting damage to the enemy back-row, The Vestal is also able to smite her opponents while healing her allies with her conviction. The full range of the character’s powers is unlocked at the Shrines of Reflection. Check out the return of The Vestal below. 

Darkest Dungeon II is leaving Early Access on May 8th. Currently the game is available in Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games Store. So, what do you think about The Vestal?