Load Your Screenshots and Videos on Your Aura Digital Frame

Aura Digital Frame is One of The Best 

If you are like me, you’ve amassed a collection of screenshots and gameplay videos over the years. Granted, working in the industry it’s inevitable you’ll accumulate a boatload of digital media. Yet, I know many gamers who have a swath of screens and videos either saved on their console or PC or both. Those images usually just sit there, hogging storage and doing absolutely nothing. Well, there is something you can do with them. Go snang yourself a digital frame, but not just any digital frame. Aura has a digital frame that is slick and is the perfect solution for showcasing all your fancy screens and rad accomplishments.

Of course, you don’t have to use the frame for just your gaming-related media. It’s likely you’ll use it for all the images you gathered on your phone. Recently, I was lucky enough to see Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds in Cancun, Mexico. It was an amazing trip, so it was super cool to be able to load all those images and videos onto my Aura frame and relive some of those amazing moments.

The Aura frame that was provided to me is plastic with white borders. It looks great and while the plastic isn’t exactly ideal, it is not an eyesore at all. It looks sharp in our living room, matching our decor. It’s hard to take my eyes off the frame as not only does it look great, but reliving some of my favorite moments is just fantastic.

Setting up the frame and associated Aura app is a breeze. Within minutes, I had images loaded on the frame. All I had to do was plug it in, download the app, sign up, follow the easy steps, and load my images and videos on the app. It isn’t long before you start seeing your media cycle through your frame. It’s super easy and I absolutely loved that. I will say; however, I do wish the frame was wireless.

I loved the fact that I could add an endless amount of photos and videos to the frame via the Aura app’s free cloud storage. Not to mention, there are no subscription fees either. You could dump hundreds, if not thousands, of images without worrying about hitting a storage capacity. Also, it automatically manages photo cropping too, which is a nice little feature. You can adjust the screen brightness, and it has an automatic on/off timer. Whenever I turn out the lights in my living room, the frame shuts off. Again, a nice little feature.

The display is absolutely brilliant too. It is a color-calibrated and high-resolution screen which means your pictures look true to the original. My pictures look truly stunning on the display. Not to mention the videos look great too. Granted, the sound isn’t the greatest but you can adjust the volume via the app. I do with there was a volume slider on the frame itself but alas, that is not an option at this point.

I also liked how I could invite friends and family to contribute photos to the frame via the Aura app. You can essentially have your own private social network with family and friends who can contribute their images to your frame. A neat little thing that is super cool when loved ones (like my Mom) live far away. She can share photos with me in an instant from halfway across the province.

The frame I have is the Carver “Sea Salt” model which is their best seller. It costs around $179.99 USD, which isn’t exactly cheap. Yet there is no denying its 10.1″ HD display makes photos and videos look absolutely fabulous. Plus, its built-in speakers and unlimited cloud storage are such nice perks. There are more expensive options available if you are looking for a higher-quality frame. The “Smith” frame looks to be the most impressive as it is inspired by metal jewelry and crafted in finely etched steel.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a new digital frame that can showcase your most beloved images, screenshots, and videos, the Aura frame is a fantastic option. Sure, it is not the cheapest frame on the market but the display is beautiful and the app makes the process of loading all your favorite images a breeze.

***Aura frame provided to COGconnected for the purpose of this article***