Ashen Knights: One Passage Demo Available Today

A Prologue for the Journey 

It’s time to leap into battle, hacking-and-slashing into the world of Ashen Knights. Prepare for the tale before the tale. Get into the action. Today, Baykal Arts is happy to announce that the free demo for their game Ashen Knights: One Passage, is now available. The prologue to their game Ashen Knights: Foreshadow, the demo introduces players to the unique mechanics of the games. A press release provides details about the demo. Additionally, a Steam Next Fest trailer shows off the gameplay and art style for the prologue. 

Ashen Knights

Ashen Knights: One Passage takes place in the same world as the main game. In a world in which darkness consumes all, players will soon meet the last bastions of light. Of course, the demo introduces players to the two heroes they will be playing as throughout the game. Each of the heroes provides players with a different playstyle. Importantly, the playstyles change the player’s experience with the game. Primos, allows players to hack-and-slash their way through battles. While, Evelin provides a more meditative souls-like style of gameplay. Yet, the world is not only violence and darkness. The demo will also challenge players with tricky puzzles, and deepen their knowledge of the Ashen Knight’s world with tidbits of lore. 

Of course, players can currently watch the Steam Next Fest trailer for the game to get a better look. From gameplay mechanics to art style and more, check out the trailer below. 

Ashen Knights: One Passage demo is currently available for free during Steam Next Fest. Currently players are able to wishlist Ashen Knights: Foreshadow on Steam. So, will you be playing the demo?