WHALIEN: Unexpected Guests Officially Launches In Late January

WHALIEN: Unexpected Guests Officially Launches In Late January

Forbidden Folds is an independent video game developer that focuses on interactive experiences that turns simple ideas into great games. The company is preparing to launch its upcoming third-person puzzle and adventure game WHALIEN: Unexpected Guests. The game will release on January 24th, 2023. It will be available on PC via Steam. Players will enjoy a short, emotional and unique journey for approximately two to three hours. Interested players can wish list the game on Steam today.

In the game, Fin, a mechanical whale, has been plagued by mischievous squiddies. Players, as Ernest Hemingwhale, must set out on a journey to save and help your friends from the unexpected and unwanted guests. The game is focused around small and fun details. Players will engage with unique and fun characters throughout the game including Fin The Whale, Squiddies and Springpeople. Springpeople are quite helpful but one must wonder what they are up to. Each character has a unique role in the game.

Players must utilize gloves to push and pull all kinds of objects and elements within their proximity. Furthermore, players must use pearls to manipulate objects from a distance. Moreover, the developers offer other cool features such as great locations to explore and players will be able to uncover intriguing secrets along the way.

The indie scene is blowing up in the world of video games and WHALIEN: Unexpected Guests may be a great start for gamers looking for a unique or different experience.

What are your thoughts on WHALIEN: Unexpected Guests? Are you going to try the game out when it releases? What aspect of the game are you most interested in? Did you enjoy the game’s release trailer? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.