Season: A Letter to the Future Preserving the World Today

An Ending World 

The world may be ending. But there are people to meet, there is art to makes, and a whole land to record and preserve. Today,  developer Scavenger Studios is happy to announce the release of their atmospheric adventure, Season: A Letter to the Future. Out now on PC and PlayStation consoles, the game is inviting players to explore an atmospheric world in its last days, and collect what they can. A press release provides more details on the game itself. Additionally, a story trailer gives players a look at the world and the story of the game. 

Season A Letter to the Future

Season: A Letter to the Future introduces players to a young woman. Coming from a secluded village she has one goal. Explore on her bike and record this world before it ends. Of course, you aren’t here alone. Players will run into a diverse cast of characters as they explore the world and will be given the opportunity to photograph, record, and find different aspects of life. However, time is short so you must gather what you can, while you can. 

The gameplay of Season focusses on exploration, meeting other characters, and recording stories. Players will embark on this journey on their bike but are able to hop off at any point that interests them. Using a whole inventory of recording equipment Exploring and using these tools will help you understand this world, its culture, history, and more, until you finally understand this season, the end of the world. Check out the story trailer below to get a glimpse of the world itself. 

Season: A Letter to the Future is available today on PC and PlayStation Consoles. So, are you ready to preserve a world?