Check Out the Redfall Pre-Order Bonuses and Bite Back Edition

These Don’t Suck

Yesterday’s Xbox Direct show highlighted several upcoming titles, including Arkane’s Redfall. The game will be coming out in May for PC and Xbox Series X|S, but there are some options you can explore for more content. A whole trailer was released to show off what is in store for players.

You can pre-order the game, of course, but you can also play it on Game Pass, as it is a day one addition. Either way, you can get the Vampire Hunter Pack. This includes the Grim Tide Shotgun, Blood Ravager Stake weapon attachment, and the Polar Vortex multi-weapon skin. The shotgun give you +20% damage for eight seconds after killing an enemy.


If you get the Bite Back Edition, there is even more. It includes the Tactical Knife Stake weapon attachment and the Laser Beam multi-weapon skin. You will also get alternate outfits for the four base characters in Redfall in the Throwback Outfit pack. As an added bonus, Bite Back holders get two new heroes at a later date.

You can pre-order your copy of the Bite Back Edition, but you can also upgrade from the base game on Game Pass. Redfall will be coming out on May 2nd for PC and Xbox Series X|S. Again, it will launch on Game Pass for both platforms on day one.

Will you be pre-ordering or getting the Bite Back Edition? Let us know in the comments below.