Devices that will help increase the level of the game and add comfort to long gaming sessions

The gaming industry is moving forward a lot, especially in MMO gaming.

Gamers need to significantly upgrade all their devices to get the maximum pleasure, comfort and benefit that will help realize new devices.

Having assembled a gaming chair, a second monitor, a gaming mouse and keyboard and a good headset in the game room, you can get a full-fledged atmosphere of modern gaming, and you can go farm or participate in PVP.

Useful gadgets:

  • Game Mouse
  • Script-enabled gaming keyboard
  • Gaming monitor

Game Mouse

The gaming mouse is lightweight, compact, with multiple DPI modes to adjust to any situation in the gaming world, but first things first.

Benefits of a gaming mouse:

  1. Macro settings – Macros are a combination of actions that are recorded and played back independently without the participation of the player. For example, if you are an avid World of Warcraft player, you can leave your beastmaster to farm on the locations of the dragon islands, and do your own thing.

To do this, you need to set up actions in the program that comes with the mouse – the next target, attack and add the necessary skills and set auto-repeat. That’s it – the macro works and your hero will farm gold and resources on his own, until he dies, or the servers shut down. If you do not want to farm for a long time and want to dress up your character, then you can buy World of Warcraft Gold from a trusted service and move on to PVP content.

2. Variable DPI – DPI, this is the general sensitivity of the mouse and each model has its own scenarios for the sharpness of movement. For example, the minimum will move the cursor smoothly, while the average and high levels are designed for quick jerks. Any mode can be quickly switched with a special button and independently configured in a proprietary application.

There are models that support automatic DPI – they adapt to the wave of your hand and speed up the cursor when necessary and slow it down when you need smoothness and accuracy.

3. Highlighting – just a nice bonus in the form of additional lighting that can be customized and decorate the game room with colors and tints that are pleasant to you.

4. Additional buttons – a very convenient option for farming and any other actions. You simply transfer some of the most frequently used combinations to the mouse and execute them by pressing additional buttons. At first, it will not be familiar, but it is much faster than pressing the keyboard according to the reaction speed.

Script-enabled gaming keyboard

The game keyboard is an important attribute for competitive games, where fast response is important, and for MMO RPGs – where the scripts and macros that it executes are prescribed for the keyboard.

First, let’s look at the types of keyboards and their strengths and weaknesses:

Mechanical – instant response, loud click when pressing the keys.

Membrane – lagging behind by a millisecond, smooth running, softer than the keys.

All modern gaming keyboards support special proprietary software that allows you to set up scripts and macros, as well as highlighting and remapping keys if necessary.

What scripts can be configured

The most useful for MMO projects will be procasts – classes such as magicians have in their arsenal many single and mass skills that can and should be used on the enemy and the player does not always need to control the order and importance of applying individual spells.

Then a script is written that activates the application of all spells in the prescribed order and when the reading is completed you can freely use the keyboard for other tasks.

Such a scheme is useful in raids, where you need to systematically apply all the damage that you have to the boss and his retinue.

For shooters, you can set up double jump, jump and slide, and many other movement tricks that will make it harder to hit your character.

Of course, such schemes can also be configured on a mouse, but in combination with a keyboard, you will get more free combinations for the mouse, taking the most obvious ones on the keyboard.

Gaming monitor

A good gaming monitor will make gaming sessions much more pleasant and longer due to the picture and hertz that are comfortable for the eyes. Many monitors have nice colors and hubs for charging mobile devices.


IPS or OLED – IPS is cheaper, OLED is more colorful, but more expensive. With a limited budget, it is worth taking an IPS, since it is not much inferior to OLED in color reproduction, the difference will be noticeable only when comparing the two devices, but you can always upgrade the monitor later.


The higher the Hertz value, the smoother the picture and animation. Especially noticeable in football, shooters, MMO RPGs.

It’s not worth chasing crazy numbers – 240 Hz and higher are expensive and not always noticeable to the eye. 120-144 Hz will be optimal for the eyes, pleasant and noticeably better than classic 60 Hz monitors – the difference will be immediately visible.

It is also better to purchase a second monitor so that in parallel with farming and other monotonous tasks, you can entertain yourself with content.