Dead Cells Releases New Teaser Ahead of Return To Castlevania DLC

Take a Look at Dead-Cells X Castlevania

One of the largest cross overs in side-scrolling history is almost upon us. That’s right, the genre defining Castlevania and the roguelike behemoth Dead Cells are joining forces. Today, Motion Twin and Evil Empire are happy to reveal a teaser trailer for the upcoming cross-over DLC for Dead Cells, Return to Castlevania. The teaser is arriving ahead of the release and is giving fans a little taste of what is to come. Of course, a press release also provides more details on the cross-over itself. 

Dead Cells

Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania is taking players back to the roots of the game with the grandfather of the Metroidvania genre. In this adventure, everyone’s favorite headless hero finds himself in a whole new land. Of course, it’s Dracula’s Castle. Importantly, the Beheaded won’t be alone here. Richter Belmont is here to lead the way for our hero, and with the promise of new loot, who is the Beheaded to say no? Yes, speaking of loot, the DLC features 14 iconic weapons from Castlevania. For instance players can expect to see such weapons as Vampire Killer, Throwing Axe and Holy Water. 

Furthermore, players can expect to be able to explore the boundaries of Dracula’s Castle. But be warned. The DLC also features a host of new enemies. Of course, these enemies include three new boss fights including battles with Death and Dracula himself. However, there is an additional unannounced boss fight that promises to be very surprising. Players can check out today’s teaser to satiate their appetites for a bit longer. 

Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania is arriving sometime in Q1 of 2023. So, players can expect it soon. Currently you can wish list the DLC on Steam