New Tinykin Update Adds Challenge Mode and Unlockable Outfits

Let Me Tell You a Little Story…

This past year has been big for gaming. God of War Ragnarok and Elden Ring were two huge and highly anticipated games, both of which delivered on their hype. The thing is, not every game can be that big. Sometimes you need to make room for a little game, like Tinykin.

This game was published by the aptly named developer tinyBuild and developed by Splashteam. Tinykin is a 3D platformer masquerading as a 2D game. You play as Milo, an interdimensional explore. He finds himself in a world very similar to our own, also he is one inch tall.


Tinykin came out this past summer. We reviewed the game and, like a lot of other gaming news outlets, we really enjoyed it. One of the only gripes with had with it was that it was not challenging enough.

Earlier today, tinyBuild announced that there was a new update for this little game. One component of this update is the Challenge Mode. To access these challenges, players will have to find a duo of characters called Mach and Sprint. They are in every area of the game and they let you try out some time trials. There is a Small and Great race in each room for a total of twelve races.

On top of the Challenge Mode, there are also cosmetics to unlock. The update adds 10 new outfits for Milo. After winning an outfit, you can redeem it in the Chrysal Workshop and then apply at any time through the game menu.

Tinykin is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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