Sins of a Solar Empire II Expands Technical Preview With Update

Moving Right Along

Early Access provides an important opportunity for games to develop in scope and gameplay. Of course, this applies to games of all genres and legacies. Including space-faring legends like Sins of a Solar Empire. Stardock and Ironclad Games are happy to announce a new update for the Sins of a Solar Empire II technical preview. The sequel to the famous grand strategy game, Sins of a Solar Empire II is bringing players back to empire building. Currently in Early Access, the game has released a new update that sees a great influx of content. A press release provides more details on the new update. Additionally, the release provides insights from Brian Clair, Director of Publishing for Stardock. 

Sins of a Solar Empire II

Sins of a Solar Empire II reintroduces players to the grand strategy universe developed in the first game. As a technical preview players have already been experiencing the TEC Loyalist faction. Of course, with the loyalists players got to use a whole arsenal of ships, and societal choices. 

However, with the new update. Players can now take up arms as the  TEC Rebel faction. Importantly, this update introduces a whole new faction complete with their own ships. Yet, additionally, the roster expands on both sides. For instance players can look forward to using new capital ships, including the Marza Dreadnought, Dunov Battlecruiser, and the Sova Carrier, as well as a new frigate: the Neruda Envoy. All of these and new cultural options for trade, influence, sabotage, and more. 

“Early Access is an important part of our development process and we’ve had a fantastic response from players so far,” said Brian Clair, Director of Publishing for Stardock. 

Sins of a Solar Empire II is currently in Early Access on their website. Players can pre-order the game now for an entry to the technical preview.