Marauders Announces Red Baron Update Coming Soon

A Fight in the Skies 

The war torn world of alternate 1990’s Earth will never be the same. Even the skies become home to combat. Today Small Impact Games is excited to announce the debut update for their looter shooter, Marauders. The update, titled “Red Baron”, introduces a host of new content to the game with a focus on a whole new type of space dogfighting. A press release provides more details on the update. 


Marauders introduces players to an Earth that has been devastated. An Earth where the Great War never ended. Fleeing the ruined planet, many went to the stars in search of solace.  However, this has turned Earth into a hostile battleground, and the stars have become a warzone for ship to ship combat. Players will return to Earth for fast paced and deadly raids dealing with combat encounters with realistic bullet simulation against enemy teams and AI opponents. Importantly, the stars are also home to combat, with ship to ship combat as a staple of the game. 

In fact, the Red Baron update focuses on space combat. Inviting players to challenge the game’s first boss, the titular space-ace, the Red Baron update forces players to survive against a legend. Taking the fight to space, including a close-quarters attack on a strike frigate, players will need to use their marksmanship and flying skills to survive. Of course, this will be no easy feat. Do you have what it takes? 

Marauders is out now on  Steam Early Access. Currently, the game is available for purchase for $29.99. Can you survive as a marauder? Or will the Red Baron prove to much for you?