Lost Eidolons Latest Patch Introduces New Game Plus Mode And More

Lost Eidolons Latest Patch Introduces New Game Plus Mode And More 

Ocean Drive Studios released their debut title, Lost Eidolons, in late 2021. The company describes the game as a “tactical turn-based strategy RPG set in a fantasy world called Artemesia. Lead Eden and his comrades through an episodic campaign in their fight to wrest back the empire. Strategize, plan your attack, and seize victory on a classic isometric grid battlefield with a modern touch.”. Today, the developer has unveiled the game’s latest patch which will introduce a ton of content for players to enjoy.

In New Game +, players that completed the twenty-seven chapters will be able to start a new game under this mode with previously saved data like mastery level. Moreover, the developers are hopeful that the New Game + Mode makes players return to the game for other challenges. Additionally, the dialogue cutscenes and other storytelling elements have been improved to allow for a new experience. Also, players can enjoy other improvements to the game such as bug fixes and quality of life changes.

In a short trailer, the developers showed off key elements of the upcoming patch and players were able to get a first look at the content.

After this patch, the developers noted their future plans. They stated, “we plan to work on improving endings and optional battles…But what we’re planning now is to improve the endings themselves in the next patch.”

What are your thoughts on Lost Eidolons? Have you tried the game since its release? Are you enjoying it? Are you interested in the release of the latest patch? What do you think about the New Game Plus mode and other pieces of content? Which one are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.