Dust and Neon, Roguelike Twin-Stick Shooter, Coming 2023

Loot Up Cowboy 

What’s better than being a cowboy in the post apocalypse? What about being a cowboy in the post-apocalypse who gets to find a ton of loot? Thought so. Guess what? You’re in luck. Today Rogue Games unveiled their upcoming roguelike twin-stick shooter, Dust and Neon. Heading for release in 2023, Dust and Neon is aiming to give players a looter shooter experience like no other. Importantly, Rogue Games wants to give players a nice look at the world of the game, so is offering players an extended gameplay trailer. 

Dust and Neon

Dust and Neon places players in the spurs of a stylish post-apocalyptic cowboy. Playing as the mysterious, and totally badass, gunslinger players will face off against a seemingly endless army of robots. The robots are also bringing some dangerous bosses, so the intense twin-stick battles will extend to fast-paced boss fights as well. Of course, the game is a roguelike. You are meant to die, quite a bit. However, never fear. Players will have access to dozens of new abilities they can unlock and thousands of items and weapons. Shotguns, rifles, revolvers and more all await you after you scrap some bots. Importantly, players can grab abilities that fit their playstyle meaning that there are a lot of ways to play. 

Of course, fans can check out the extended gameplay trailer below. Get your first look at the dusty, robot blasting, stylish, gameplay. View the trailer below. 

Dust and Neon is expected to arrive on the Nintendo Switch and PC in Early 2023. So, what do you think about Dust and Neon?