Darkwood, Horror Survival, Brings Terror to Xbox Series X/S

Atmospheric Terror 

Xbox players, it is time to enter the forest. Take the daytime to prepare yourself. Because at night terrifying creatures hunger for your flesh. Today Acid Wizard Studio and Crunching Koalas are happy to announce the release of the Xbox Series X/S version of their atmospheric horror game, Darkwood. Running the game in 4K resolution heightening the horror, Darkwood on the Series X/S is bringing a truly terrifying experience. A press release provides more details on the game. Additionally, players can check out the Series X/S launch trailer for a closer look at the woods that awaits them. 


Darkwood introduces players to the dark and eerie forests of the Soviet Bloc. They will attempt to survive by fortifying their hideout, scavenging for supplies, preparing traps, and importantly, crafting weapons. Of course, you aren’t alone out in these woods. Once night falls, the monsters come out, and they are anything but friendly. Furthermore, the forest and all of its inhabitants are procedurally generated meaning every player will have a new experience. Additionally, every player can build their character differently. With a unique skill tree, and no hand-holding, the game will test the players to adapt how they see fit. There is no right way. 

Players can go ahead and check out the new trailer for the Xbox Series X/S release. Get a glimpse of the story of the game and what awaits you in the dark woods. Check it out below. 

Darkwood is out today on the Xbox Series X/S. Importantly, those who already own the game on the Xbox One can receive a free upgrade. So, are you excited for Darkwood’s arrival on the Xbox next Gen?