Chocobo GP Closing Out the Races in Record Time

So Long, We Hardly Played Ye

Square Enix is largely known for their JRPG series. The biggest names in the game are Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, both Square Enix properties. They strayed from the formula a bit with the Final Fantasy spin-off Chocobo GP. However, as we learned today, that didn’t work out so well.

Earlier today, Square Enix announced that Chocobo GP has reached the end of its active content cycle. Today was the launch of the 5th and last season of content. Though players can still play the game and rankings can still be earned, like in the off-seasons, no more new content will be added.

Chocobo GP

The premium currency Mythril is no longer available. Players can use their remaining Mythril in the Mythril shop until the end of season 5. After that, items exclusive to that shop will be found in the Ticket and Gil shops. If you have an abundance of Mythril, you will do well to spend it. It will no longer be accepted or refunded after the Mythril shop disappears.

Chocobo GP was received with somewhat positive reviews. We at COGconnected enjoyed it, but many players likened the microtransaction monetization to that of a mobile game.

You can still play the game in regular modes, but racing seasons will come to an end very soon. Chocobo GP is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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