Amnesia: The Bunker Looking to Reinvent Horror in 2023

Welcome to the Bunker 

It’s World War I, you find yourself in a dimly lit bunker. Bad news. You aren’t alone. Not even close. Today Frictional Games, the studio behind previous SOMA and previous iterations of Amnesia, are happy to unveil their latest title- Amnesia: The Bunker. Aiming to reinvent the rules of horror while adding to the beloved horror franchise, the game is releasing some time in 2023. A press release dives into more details on the game. Additionally, a new reveal trailer gives players a spine-tingling look at the game. 

Amnesia The Bunker

Amnesia: The Bunker places players in the boots of a French soldier during WWI. Awakening in a very dark bunker, players will struggle with their amnesia as they explore. Armed with only a revolver, and a loud dynamo flashlight players will need to make moment-to-moment decisions. Importantly, the player isn’t alone in the bunker. While dealing with your amnesia and the darkness of the bunker, you will also be hunted by an otherworldly creature. 

With one bullet left in your gun, the corridors full of darkness, and everyone else dead it’s up to you to survive. The game will test players cleverness, resolve, courage, and their ability to stay sane. Of course, the reveal trailer gives players a glimpse of the horrors that await inside the bunker. 

Amnesia: The Bunker will be releasing in 2023. It will be available on PC via Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation. So will you delve into the darkness of the bunker? Will you have what it takes to survive?