Gundam Evolution Will Officially Hit Consoles In Late November

Gundam Evolution Will Officially Hit Consoles In Late November

Bandai Namco’s popular titles include Tekken, Soul Calibur and Ace Combat. The company has also released many titles in the expansive world of Gundam. In September, the game was officially released on PC in North America, Europe and parts of Asia. The company has announced that the game will release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on November 30th. It is a free to play, hero based shooter based on the popular franchise. Furthermore, players can get their hands on Season 2 of the game, which includes a ton of content.

In the game, players will head into the battlefield in 6v6 PVP action with playable mobile suits in the popular universe. Additionally, besides the engaging combat, players must work with their teams to in objective modes such as Point Capture, Domination and Destruction.

Additionally, in Season 2, players will enjoy new updates and features such as improved matchmaking, adjustments to ranked matches, customized items and Spectator Mode for PC. Furthermore, in late December, as part of Season 2, players can enjoy new events modes, campaigns and a revamp to the in-game store. To celebrate the release, the team has released two new videos showing off some of the action ahead. The videos provide a briefing on Season 2 and show off MOBIUS.

Gundam Evolution

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