Sci-Fi Adventure Somerville Will Officially Release In Mid November

Sci-Fi Adventure Somerville Will Officially Release In Mid November 

Jumpship is an independent development studio founded by Chris Olsen along with Dino Patti, the ex-CEO of Playdead. The company’s philosophy is to create unique experiences through different mediums and make well-crafted video games. Today, the developers have announced the release of Somerville, their debut title. It will release on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store on November 15th, 2022. Interested fans can wish list the game on Steam here.

In the minute-long trailer, viewers aren’t given much to look at or learn about the game. Furthermore, while the game’s title appears on the screen over-time, there are no in-game visuals or other indicators of the game’s content. However, in the past, the developers released various teaser trailers showing off the game.

Moreover, in the game, players will find themselves in the midst of catastrophe as they must find a way to make their families whole again. Also, players will be able to enjoy a narrative experience set in a vivid rural landscape as they navigate their way through uncharted terrain and encounter earth’s visitors. Are you ready to solve the mysteries of the world?

Additionally, previously, the developers shared some information about the protagonist in Somerville indicating that he can wield a weapon and can engage in different forms of combat against his enemies. The game will provide a special experience.

What are your thoughts on Jumpship? Are you interested in the release of their debut title? What aspect of the upcoming game are you most interested in? Did you enjoy the reveal trailer? What do you think about the surprise date? Will you wish list the game on Steam? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.