Phantom Hysteria Now Haunting Steam

Ghost Hunting Action 

Nothing is better in October than getting together with your friends and getting scared. Classic spooky things: scary movies, stories, and of course, ghost hunting. Today Lunar Tale Games is happy to announce the release of their co-op, ghost hunting game, Phantom Hysteria. It’s time to get the gear and the gang together and become the best ghost hunters you can. A press release provides more info on all the game has to offer. Additionally, a gameplay trailer gives a glimpse of the gameplay and style of the game. 

Phantom Hysteria

Phantom Hysteria places players in the boots of specialized ghost hunters. As members of P.I.N.E, you and up to 3 others will choose between four distinct classes of ghost hunting operatives. Of course, your goal is to identify, untether, and eliminate the ghosts haunting four different custom built maps. Importantly, the process of ridding a map of the ghost is split into three distinct phases. The first is using various gadgets to gather pieces of evidence, discovering what type of ghost your team is dealing with. Then players will untether the ghost from this world, which will lead to the fight. From an EMFG rifle to a holy-water guns, you have the gear to bring down the ghosts. 

Of course, players can get a good look at all the action in a gameplay trailer from the summer. The trailer shows off some of the gear, as well as the gameplay of Phantom Hysteria. 

Phantom Hysteria is available now on PC via Steam. Currently the game costs $19.99. Additionally, the game will be coming to Xbox consoles at a later date. So, are you ready to hunt some ghosts?