Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure Receiving Huge Update

An Early Access Update

Prepare to jump back into the world of Earthlock, and return to Ikonei Island. Independent Developer Snowcastle Games is excited to announce the arrival of a massive Early Access update for their Earthlock universe adventure, Ikonei Island. Focusing on all of the concepts that make Ikonei Island great, the update brings a host of new content for players. A press release provides more info. Additionally, players can check out the update trailer for a glimpse of everything included.

Ikonei Island

Ikonei Island brings the player to a foreign territory in a familiar world. Now, it gets even larger. The new update adds on to the things players already love about the game. For instance, interacting with the island’s wildlife is getting even more exciting. The huge creature pass allows players to keep track of creature needs, summon a squad of creatures to follow them, and befriend even more creatures. Furthermore, players will be able to use new creature abilities to further explore the island. 

In addition to the creature update, there’s even more. Players can look forward to improvements to farming and crafting including new tools, better farm design, and seed crafting. Additionally, players can even alter the ground now for even better farmland, as well as, new customization for player homes: inside and out. Players can check out the new update trailer for a better look at everything coming out with the update. 

The patch for Ikonei Island is out today. Currently the game is available on Steam Early Access for $14.86. What do you think of everything coming with the update?