The Illustrious Hendo Art Cosplay Is Showing Us Her Skilled Craftmanship

Hendo Art Cosplay Feature

Welcome to this week’s Cosplay feature here at COGConnected. This weekend we’re revisiting the talented cosplayer, Hendo Art, that we first took a look at in 2019. Her cosplays were already amazing at that time, but it’s been a few years, what has she been up to cosplay-wise since then? Well, it’s been a lot! Hendo hasn’t slowed down or stopped at all and if anything, has been giving us even more amazing looks! Check out our recent favorite cosplays of hers!


Look at this amazing cosplay of Tiny Tina from Tiny Tina’s Wonderland



Look at all the work that went into all of her accessories! These look like they are straight from the game.