Xbox Announces New Elite Wireless Controller Series 2-Core in White

A New Edition to the Family 

With a design dating back to 2015, the Xbox Elite Controller aimed to deliver a whole new experience. The controller introduced players to a whole new level of customization for their controller. Of course this allows them to figure out their perfect way to play. Today Xbox is happy to announce the newest edition to the Elite Controller family: The Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. A press release provides more details about the controller.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

The Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 aims to meet the needs of contemporary and competitive gamers. Importantly, Xbox is giving players further choice. Not only are they introducing one Series 2 controller, but two of them. The new Elite Wireless Controller Series 2- Core in White provides players all the essentials they will need to be the best gamer they can be. For instance, the controller comes with adjustable-tension thumbsticks, wrap-around rubberized grip, and shorter hair trigger locks. Additionally, the controller has fourty hours of battery life. 

Of course, the other choice is the current Elite Wireless Controller Series 2- in Black. This standard Elite controller comes all the elite core features. Importantly this includes different thumbsticks, D-pad, and paddle shapes. Additionally this controller comes with a carrying case as well as a braided USB-C cable and charging dock.

Players can also look forward to further customization this coming holiday season. Along with the new controller, Xbox has also announced that they are bringing the Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 to Xbox Design Lab

The new controller is available today. The Core in White controller is available for $129.99 with all the features discussed. The current black model, with all features, is currently $179.99. So, will you be grabbing one of these new Elite controllers? 

SOURCE: Press Release