Strategy RTS Men of War II Has Been Delayed Until 2023

Strategy RTS Men of War II Has Been Delayed Until 2023

Men of War is a strategy RTS game based in the midst of World War II. It is developed by Best Way and published by Fulcrum Publishing. The game was set to release in late 2022, however today, the developers announced that the game’s release date would be delayed into 2023. The game was delayed for various reasons, primarily due to the war in Ukraine and to allow time to further develop the game.

The Ukrainian studio, Best Way, has suffered as a result of the unfortunate war in Ukraine. However, the developers returned to work recently and conducted various playtests to the satisfaction of the community. Fans expressed their happiness with new features and gameplay. Furthermore, based on feedback, the developers will introduce more features that require additional development time.

Due to the additional time, the developers will introduce content such as a standalone campaign for the Third Reich, missions for other factions, user interface and much more. The team also released a new trailer for the game! In the trailer, viewers got a look at some of the game’s content as well as gameplay across various fronts in the middle of intense battle.

In Men of War II, players will hop into World War II with historically accurate incidents across the Eastern and Western Fronts. On the battlefield, players must utilize tactics and strategy to win the war!

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