Slot games: mobile vs desktop

Throughout history, humans have always loved playing games, and it’s been one of the only constant sources of entertainment we’ve seen continuously prevalent throughout centuries. One type of game, in particular, has been a top choice for serious and casual gamers – slot games.

There are so many ways to play this fan favorite, which has only increased as technology has advanced.

But when it comes to playing slot games on your mobile or desktop, which is better? That all depends on what you’re looking for out of the game. We’ll be taking you through the benefits of each so that you can make an informed decision for yourself. But first, let’s look at where slot games began.

History of slot games

Playing online slot games is relatively new and modern compared to playing on a traditional land-based slot machine.

The first time we saw a device with a mechanism similar to the slot games we know and love was in 1876. The Guessing Bank was created by a man named Edward McLoughlin, a machine which was designed to mimic a card game.

The Guessing Bank was designed so that once a player inserted a coin into the machine, a dial would spin and land on a random number. While the dial was spinning, the player would have to guess the number, and if they got it right, they would win a prize.

These games were typically played at a bar, so the prize was usually a free drink or food rather than a monetary prize.

As the years went on, different versions of this game were invented. There was the Card Machine which mimicked the game of poker but, instead of being dealt random cards, the machine would select the cards for you. Again, the prize would usually come in a glass from the barman!

It was not until Charles August Fey invented the Card Bell that the slot machine started to take off. This machine used the same three-reel mechanism that its predecessors used, but this one differed slightly.

Fey managed to create another part of the machine that would benefit the player – and stop the barman having to give out free drinks! He created the automatic payout mechanism, which meant that every time someone hit the winning jackpot, they would be automatically given money out of the winning slot.

And from then on, the slot machines we know and love today were born. The same mechanism that Fey created is still used today, proving the age-old saying: if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

Slot games are now commonly played online on devices such as mobile and PC. Most online slot providers, as seen on, now have mobile-compatible apps and are accessible via the browser for players to select the most comfortable device. Below we will look at the main benefits of playing slot games via mobile and PC.

Benefits of mobile slot games

  • Game on the go – there’s no need to visit a particular casino or travel anywhere at all. All of your favorite games are right there in your pocket! As long as you have access to the internet, you can play your favorite slot game.
  • Notifications – you can set your mobile app up to send you notifications so you never miss a deal or bonus offer.
  • Screen limits – we all spend most of our lives in front of screens so it can be good to take a break every now and then. You can set up a screen limit on your mobile gaming app to ensure your eyes and brain take a break from the screen every now and then.

Benefits of desktop slot games

  • Bigger screen – although carrying your gaming app around in your pocket is beneficial, the size of your screen could be a bit of an issue. However, with a desktop, you know that your screen is going to be big enough for you to see everything. The screen is usually of a higher quality as well so everything will be clearer and more in focus.
  • More storage – unlike a phone that has minimal storage (and is usually filled with pictures and other apps), a PC or equivalent has a lot more storage space. This means you don’t have to keep deleting and redownloading; you can pick up right where you left off.
  • Battery life – phones use a lot of energy keeping the screens on, especially when gaming over a period of time. But with a PC, there’s no need to keep track of the battery life as everything is plugged in! This means way more gaming time for you – ideal!

How to choose the right type for you

Choosing the right way to play depends on what it is you’re looking for from your gaming. If you’re looking for a quick game while you’re waiting for a bus, mobile is definitely the way forward.

But if you’re more about settling down for a full gaming session after work, a desktop seems like the better choice for you. This way, you don’t have to worry about issues such as battery life or a smaller screen.

Whatever choice you make regarding how you play online slots, you’re always going to have a blast! With no rules to learn and no other players to worry about, just sit back and relax while you game.