Call of Duty Pro Crimsix Has Officially Announced His Retirement

Call of Duty Pro Crimsix Has Officially Announced His Retirement

eSports has grown tremendously over the past few years, especially the Call of Duty scene. One of the stalwarts in the scene, Crimsix, who is known as the ‘winningest’ player of all time, has officially brought his career to an end. Crimsix made the announcement through a YouTube video where he discussed various topics including his career, sacrifices, personal life and why he came to the decision. Besides his various Championships and tournament wins, he was known for being an important asset to the community for his entertaining personality.

In an almost twelve-minute video, Crimsix made the announcement. He began by explaining that keeping up with players who are almost ten years younger at his age is very difficult and that there was a serious communication issue. Besides that, he felt that he sacrificed a lot to pour time into Call of Duty. Additionally, he neglected his relationship and his health. Crimsix was primarily successful on Optic, Dallas Empire and Complexity, where he won Championships.

Despite his retirement, the Call of Duty League 2023 season is set to kick off as players are eager to hop into Modern Warfare II. Moreover, in the league, twelve teams will vie for the Championship title. The fan favorites for the upcoming year are Los Angeles Thieves, Atlanta Faze and Optic Texas.

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