Amber City, Indie Puzzler, Out Now on Steam

Award Winning Puzzler 

It is time to use the power of light to return a city to its former glory. Today independent development studio Irisloft is happy to announce that their award winning puzzler, Amber City, is out now on Steam. A press release provides more details about the game. Additionally, a launch video gives players a glimpse of what they can expect. 

Amber City

Amber City introduces players to a nameless girl in a white dress. She awakens to a city in ruins. Yet, she carries with her the power of light. Players must use the power to solve puzzles throughout a beautifully handcrafted world full of gorgeous environments. Reignite cocoons with the power of light and use them to restore the city. Of course, there will be even more to interact with as you progress, and you will need to learn how to use the light in different situations. 

Synchronize with robots, reverse time, avoid enemies, and more to restore the city to its former glory. Of course, as players progress through the world they will need to learn when and how to use these fantastic abilities. Furthermore, you can get a look at all of this in the new launch trailer for the Steam version of the game. 

 Amber City is out now on PC via Steam. Currently the game costs $13.99 with a 10% launch week discount. Will you accept the power of light and restore the city? Or will you simply allow all to fall away into darkness?