AirportSim Latest Trailer Shows Off Three Exciting Gameplay Modes

AirportSim Latest Trailer Shows Off Three Exciting Gameplay ModesĀ 

MS Games and MK Studios, video game developers and publishers, announced AirportSim earlier this year. The companies have now released a brand new trailer along with cool screenshots showing off the title and its gameplay modes. The game is set to release on Xbox Series X/S and PC via Steam in 2023. Interested fans can wish list the game on Steam here and keep up to date on any news and information.

In the trailer, viewers get a first look at three game modes, Free Roam, Scenario and Challenges. In Free Roam, aircraft enthusiasts, players, as ground handlers, will face the day to day challenges of aviation life. Efficiency is key in this game mode. In Scenario, players have the choice of engaging in various activities based on difficulty and location. Furthermore, Scenarios allows new players to learn the game over time as it offers different challenges.

In Challenge, as expected, players must lead the charge to ensure that the plane takes off regardless of the trying circumstances.

In the game, players will take on the job and duty of various members of airport ground staff. The game features realistic visuals, real airports, licensed operations and real weather conditions and challenges. Players must ensure airplanes are ready for takeoff and landing by welcoming passengers, offloading baggage, refueling the aircraft and much more. The game offers a detailed experience with a ton of possibilities and each detail matters.

What are your thoughts on simulator games? Which ones do you enjoy? Are you interested in AirportSim? What do you think about the latest trailer? Which game mode are you most interested in? What aspect of the game are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.