Way of the Hunter Reveals All With New Explanation Trailers

This is the Way 

Prepare your equipment and get ready to hunt. Today THQ Nordic and Nine Rocks Games is excited to explain everything about their hunting simulation game, Way of the Hunter. A new series of trailers, titled The Explanation Trailers, give players everything they need to know about the game. Additionally, a press release provides more information. 

Way of The

Way of the Hunter places players in the boots of a seasoned hunter. Of course you will need to track, stalk, and kill various types of game and then sell their meat to make a living. Your hunts will take you to massive open world expanses in both the United States and Europe. During the hunts you will have access to a wide variety of authentic hunting gear. Importantly this includes licensed weapons from famous manufacturers such as Steyr Arms. 

The explanation trailers gives players a first look at everything they need to know. Learn about tracking animals, see the inside of your lodge, check out some of your gear and more. Of course the videos go into more depth about what players can expect from all of these concepts. Additionally, players get to see the art style, as well as, gameplay of Way of the Hunter. The first of these videos focuses on the hunting lodge. 

Way of the Hunter is coming to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on August 16, 2022. So, will you take on the mantle of hunter? What do you think about the series of explanation trailers?