Minnesota Rokkr Unveils Its Roster For Upcoming CDL Season

Minnesota Rokkr Unveils Its Roster For Upcoming CDL Season

The Call of Duty League is Activision’s official eSports competition for Call of Duty. As Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II nears its official release, Minnesota Rokkr, a professional team in the competition, has announced its official roster. Minnesota Rokkr is one of twelve teams in the competition and is expected to be a top contender. Fans can look out for the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II on October 28th.

The team has announced that its lineup is Attach, Cammy, Bance and Afro. Bance and Cammy were formerly on the Toronto Ultra Roster while Afro comes from the London Royal Ravens. Attach appears to be the team’s franchise player as he remains on the roster from last season. Since the announcement, the community has discussed the team and fans are expecting a great year out of the squad. The team is filled with talent and experience.

Furthermore, other teams such as Atlanta FaZe, New York Subliners and the Boston Breach are expected to announce their official line-ups soon. The community is expecting some great teams out of ‘Rostermania’ due the major changes made to each team thus far.

The growth of the eSports industry over the past few years is fascinating. Besides Call of Duty, games such as Valorant, League of Legends, DOTA and recently, Apex Legends, have striving communities and fanbases. The future is bright for the industry across the board.

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