The Terminator Heads To Call of Duty In Its Upcoming Mid-Season Update

The Terminator Heads To Call of Duty In Its Upcoming Mid-Season Update

Call of Duty is one of the world’s biggest franchises. The game is now popular on two fronts, Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone, its battle royale iteration that released in 2020. The developers have announced that both games will be receiving a mid-season update on July 26th and 27th respectively. In the update, players will get their hands on a new weapon, playlists and skins to unlock. Warzone is currently free to play while interested fans can purchase Vanguard at the price of $59.99USD on multiple platforms.

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Upon the update’s release, players will have access to new playlists and a new Assault Rifle. Furthermore, in Vanguard multiplayer, players can face off in Desolation, a medium sized village set at the Pacific Listening Station. Moreover, in both games, players will be overrun by zombies and machines.

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In the future operators bundles, the developers have unveiled Model T-800 and Model T-1000 Terminators. Players that purchase the bundles will receive the skins along with a finishing move, Play of the Game, legendary weapon blueprints and more. Moreover, in Caldera, the Titanium Trials: Endurance will include a new Task Force Operator and much more.

In Call of Duty: Vanguard, the war heads back to World War II where players are thrown into action packed maps with old school weapons and loadouts. Additionally, in Warzone, players must fight to the end by themselves or with a team as they vie for victory in various maps.

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