Great Ape Games and Annapurna Interactive Announce The Lost Wild

Can You Tame a Raptor Though?

Maybe it was because my grandma let me watch Jurassic Park when I was 4 years old, but I always thought it was a horror movie. They have since become more action-oriented, but pre-historic killing machines should be scary by default. That seems to be the idea in mind with The Lost Wild.

Not to be confused with The Lost World, The Lost Wild is a new game from Great Ape Games and Annapurna Interactive. Annapruna is currently on top of the gaming with with Stray AKA cat game.

The Lost Wild

This new game is very much the opposite of Stray. It is a survival horror set in a jungle inhabited by dinosaurs. The player must explore abandoned research facilities and uncover the mysteries that the island holds. Totally not the plot of any dinosaur-related movies by the way.

A strategy that humans use against dinosaurs in movies is finding something to even the odds and fight back. In The Lost Wild, there does not appear to be anything to use other than your wits and your environment. Players will have to hide, sneak, and intimidate to stay alive. In a worst case scenario, you may have to use non-lethal means to save your skin.

Just a heads up; standing still is not a good way to hide from a tyrannosaurus. The movies lie. Deadly predator with eyes the size of basketballs? They can see you from a mile away, even if you stand still. Anyway, it should be… just a walk in the park. The Lost Wild is expected to come out in 2024 for PC. You can wishlist it on Steam now.

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