Clan O’Conall, Celtic Platformer, Bears Their Kilts Today on Switch

The Crown of the Stag

Ready your sword and fight as a clan. Today HitGrab Inc. are excited to announce that their critically acclaimed platformer, Clan O’Conall: The Crown of the Stag, is available now on Nintendo Switch. A press release gives details on the game and the Switch version specifically. Additionally a Switch launch trailer gives fans, new and old, a look at the game and everything they can expect from these crazy Celts. 

Clan O'Conall

Get ready to meet your new clan. Clan O’Conall introduces players to three distinct heroes that they will need to learn to master. The brawler, Haggish. The swordsman, Kilcannon. And the noble archer, Clakshot. Together, players will use each their individual skills to solve puzzles, make it through the wilderness, and battle the Mother of Demons. Of course, players can swap between characters on command to extend a fight, or survive a jump. 

Importantly the team behind the game actually travelled to Ireland, Wales, and England to research Celtic culture. Of course, this research comes through in the hand-painted world of Clan O’Conall. Players will explore a world, true to Celtic folklore, in both the physical and the Fae realms, battling the Mother of Demons and other enemies. 

Of course players can get a glimpse of the world of Clan O’Conall in the Switch launch trailer. 

Clan O’Conall is available now in the Nintendo E-shop. Currently the game is 30% off meaning players can grab it for $5.24 until June 8th. So, are you ready to join Clan O’Conall?