Survival Game Green Hell Heads To Virtual Reality Platforms In Early June

Survival Game Green Hell Heads To Virtual Reality Platforms In Early JuneĀ 

Incuvo is a video game developer that provides the most immersive Virtual Reality experience on the market. In the past, the company released Layers of Fear VR and today, the company has announced the release date for Green Hell VR. Green Hell Virtual Reality will be heading to platforms via Steam on June 9th, 2022. In making the announcement, the company released a cool trailer showing off the game and more. Interested fans can check out Green Hell on major platforms today.

In the short trailer, players are given their first look into various elements of the jungle. Players must explore, fight and of course survive by all means necessary including fishing and hunting. The trailer also shows off other elements of the game including cut scenes into the storyline and players fighting for their sanity. It closes by confirming the release date and introducing more elements to the story.

Furthermore, in Green Hell VR, players will be thrown into a jungle where they must fight for survival. Fans can look forward to some key VR mechanics such as crafting, building, healing and fighting. Additionally, other key features include day and night weather cycles, various animal and plant species and a moving story. Jake Higgins follows a familiar voice as he fights for survival.

Gamers have been enjoying Virtual Reality experiences since they became popular. Developers have released various titles and spin-offs in the world and most of them are very enjoyable. They offer a totally unique and different experience.

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SOURCE: Press Release