Crossfire: Legion Explodes Into Early Access

RTS Warfare 

In the not-so-distant future war has erupted across the planet. Three opposing factions battle for ideological supremacy. And you are stepping into the commanders shoes. Today Blackbird Interactive is happy to announce that their action-packed RTS Crossfire: Legion has entered Steam Early Access. A press release provides more info on the game and the Early Access plans. Additionally an Early Access launch trailer gives players a deeper look at the game itself. 

Crossfire: Legion places players in command of one of three corporate factions battling over a shattered planet. You will need to raise your forces, customize your units, and manage your resources. Of course, proper execution of these concepts will allow you to dominate the whole map. In addition to over 45 different units, the Early Access of the game also comes with 6 unique commanders. Commanders come with differing abilities that can help turn the tides of battle in your favor. Additionally, players can experience the evolving narrative campaign throughout the Early Access. 

“Crossfire: Legion is a classically inspired real-time-strategy game at its heart. What makes it stand out are the magic touches of macro-strategy with army, map, and game customization,” says Maurice Grela, Game Designer at Blackbird Interactive.

Of course, players are able to get a glimpse at the game through the new Early Access launch trailer. 

Crossfire: Legion is currently available in Early Access on Steam. Currently the game costs $30.59 with a 10% launch discount. So, are you ready to lead your army commander? Will you conquer this world?