Ashes of Creation’s Developers Discuss Weather and Seasons In Trailer

Ashes of Creation’s Developers Discuss Weather and Seasons In Trailer

MMORPGs are a massive draw in the video game industry as players are able to grind to the top through hours of gameplay. Currently, Final Fantasy 14, Lost Ark Online and World of Warcraft are leading the genre, however, Ashes of Creation may change the game when it releases. The developers recently released a video showing off the game’s dynamic seasons and weather changes throughout the game. The game does not have a release date just yet but fans are hoping for more information over the upcoming months.

Developer, Intrepid Studios, was founded in 2015 and has been working on Ashes of Creation since then. In its latest video, the developers provided fans with an update into the game’s progress by showing off the dynamic seasons and weather systems. Some of the key aspects shown off are the graphical changes during the seasons, the environmental changes and much more. The game has introduced realism into the fray and that may set it apart!

Ashes of Creation Unlocks Last Stretch Goal

In the game, players will experience a unique, fantasy MMORPG where they will trade, build and fight. Each decision counts and will have an impact on the future of the game. The game is set in Verra, an open world filled with opportunities, cities, quests and secrets. Players will have the chance to explore Verra while making their way to the top in combat, crafting or trading.

Interested fans can pre-order the game here for various benefits upon its official release.

What are your thoughts on Ashes of Creation? What do you think about the weather and season changes? Are you a fan of MMORPGs? Which one is your favorite and what are you currently playing? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.