Lost in Abyss, VR Horror, Bringing Terror to Oculus 1 & 2 Today

A Nightmare Comes to Life

A dreamlike world. A twisted and terrible reality. Today Shanghai Developer UGmax announces the release of their atmospheric VR horror game, Lost in Abyss, on Oculus Quest 1 and 2. Prepare to descend into a dark reality and face the horrible truth of past events. The announcement provides details to player about what they will experience in the chilling gameplay. 

Lost in Abyss places players in the, unfortunate, shoes of Landon. As Landon players  are trapped in a nightmare space taking the form of an old house. Of course, reliving memories gets complex. Especially when good memories are intertwining with horrifying realities. 

The game offers a 60-90 minute experience. However, the time frame packs the experience full of horrific additions to the atmosphere. For instance, jump scares, SFX, and terrifying animations are sure to make your experience feel a lot longer. Additionally, the game features full high quality Chinese voice acting and full subtitles. 

Players will dive into Landon’s inner world uncovering the truth about the death of a woman named Lilith and her family. As you progress, uncover a conspiracy written in blood and sin. Furthermore discover the truth about a mysterious cult known only as Saint Cohen. 

Lost in Abyss is out now on the Oculus Quest 1 and Oculus Quest 2. It is available now on Steam for $11.61. So, are you ready to face the nightmare? Will you be brave enough to learn the truth? Or will you simply succumb to the fear, and accept that there is no possible way out of the nightmare.