Street Fighter V’s Definitive Update Introduces Major Balance Changes

Street Fighter V’s Definitive Update Introduces Major Balance Changes

The Street Fighter franchise is one of the biggest in fighting video games. It has set the trend in the genre over its various iterations and is a fan favorite title. Street Fighter V launched in 2016 and it is unfortunately at the rear end of its lifespan. However, Capcom recently released a teaser trailer for Street Fighter VI which is set for release in June, 2022. In the interim, Capcom have confirmed that the game’s definitive update will release on March 29th and introduce various changes for players to enjoy.

According to the game’s roadmap, the upcoming update is the final major update as Capcom looks ahead to its successor. To announce the update, Capcom released a three minute long trailer that shows off various elements of the upcoming changes.

Street Fighter V Champion Edition

The developers have confirmed that some of the features in the update include new battle balance changes, cel shading filter, pixel filter, CAP-JAMS remixes for players to enjoy and new tracksuit colors. Most of the changes were showcased in the trailer, which gave fans a sneak peek at the upcoming content.

Players will be able to perform more combos. Additionally, the cel shading and pixel filters will only be available for offline modes. It appears from the trailer that they will not be available in online mode. The filters for the game makes it look much crisper and cooler. Additionally, the tracksuit colors for the characters were pleasing and looked great on Ryu.

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