Rust’s March Update Confirms Soundtrack Release And Much More

Rust’s March Update Confirms Soundtrack Release And Much More

Rust is a survival game that made waves since it first released on PC in 2013. Since then, the game has launched successfully on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The aim of the game is to build and survive against other survivors, inhabitants and much more. The developers have launched Rust’s March update which will introduce a lot of changes including monument lighting, visual upgrades, quality of life improvements and the game’s official soundtrack release. Rust is available on PC and consoles for the price of $39.99USD.

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Rust’s official soundtrack is available now on Steam, music streaming services and some digital stores. Some of the music streaming services include Apple Music, Youtube Music, Bandcamp and Spotify. Volume 1 comprises of twenty-nine tracks and will amount to approximately one hour and forty-five minutes of music. Alex, the soundtrack’s composer, is continuing to work on the music for more releases soon.

Besides the soundtrack, the developers made visual improvements to the Monuments along with the vehicle body. Fans will be glad to know that both look much better than before, with minor changes that make the big picture flourish. Furthermore, some assets in the game were improved upon. Other changes include a revamp of the search and loading screen and Night Vision improvements.

Additionally, the developers introduced a few quality of life changes such as slower car decay, large furnace heat, phantom footsteps and monument loot hiding. The changelog includes even more minor changes that interested fans should check out!

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