Roguelite Platformer Revita Will Release In April On Switch and PC

Roguelite Platformer Revita Will Release In April On Switch and PC

Dear Villagers is a video game publisher that seeks to work with the best developers around. The company has released a wide variety of games including RPGs, action-adventure and survival titles. Some of their work includes Edge of Eternity, Forgotten City and Scourgebringers. The company has announced that Revita, its latest title, will be leaving Early Access and heading for a full release. The roguelite platformer will release on the Nintendo Switch via the eShop and PC via Steam on April 21st. The price at release is set at $16.99USD. The game is developed by BenStar.

In Revita, players must climb through an ominous Clocktower to get to the final boss. Along the way, players will navigate through procedurally generated rooms and fight challenging bosses. Of course, in defeating these bosses, players will be rewarded with randomized upgrades and more. Some of the game’s other features include endless character builds, unique runs and trading life for power in fast-paced gameplay.

The game will leave Early Access and celebrate its official release with a bang. Some of the additional content coming in the release include new guns, NPCs, enemies, hats, relics and more. BenStar, the sole developer of the game, was excited for its release and had to make some tough decisions. He stated, “We’ve received loads of useful feedback from players on Steam Early Access, and we think fans and newcomers alike will be delighted by all the content we’ve crammed into the full game. There will be surprises at every turn!”

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