LucidSound Drops The Price of Its Flagship LS50X Wireless Headset

LucidSound Drops The Price of Its Flagship LS50X Wireless Headset

LucidSound was founded in 2016 by a group of industry veterans who sought to raise the level of quality in gaming audio. The team wanted to bring audiophile grade-sound, premium build quality and a fresh design to the world of video game peripherals. LucidSound is now a premiere brand in the industry and has been growing at a rapid rate. Today, the company has announced that its flagship device, the LS50X Wireless Gaming Headset for the Xbox Series X/S, is getting a £50 price drop! Thus, interested fans can access the headset for £199.99. The purpose of the price drop was to allow the headset to be more accessible to fans.

The LS50X is filled with premium features that set it apart. These include intuitive controls and custom-tuned audio, that allow gamers to fine-tune their settings for the perfect experience. Furthermore, Bluetooth connectivity allows players to stream simultaneously on Xbox. Thus, users can play music in-game, take calls and use voice chat services without interrupting their game.

The advanced technology in the headset allows for users to have a strong, clear, wireless connection. The one-step process gets players gaming on the Xbox in no time.

Moreover, the headset’s luxurious design has gel-cooled spacious earcups, flexible lightweight frame and much more that ensure users can have long sessions without the discomfort. Additionally, longer sessions are made easier as its battery life lasts up to twenty hours. Also, players will have perfect communication in the game as the microphone is of premium quality.

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SOURCE: Press Release