Lost Ark Online March Update Includes New Storyline And More

Lost Ark Online March Update Includes New Storyline And More

Lost Ark Online recently released from Smilegate Entertainment along with Amazon Games in the West. The title is a massive hit in Korea and it’s not surprising that it’s taken the West by storm. Since its release, the population has been going strong and there’s no drop in sight. Lost Ark Online is an ARPG set in Arkesia that has very fun combat and a ton of stuff to do, from housing to crafting and more. Today, the developers will release the game’s March update which will introduce a new storyline, quests, islands and much more. Lost Ark Online is available for free on PC via Steam.

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Eight players will have the chance to fight against Argos. The boss will feature three phases of attack, each with its own mechanics and attack patterns. Each phase will also feature its own rewards scaling in Item Level from 1370 to 1400. To fight the boss, players must complete the quest, ‘Abyss Raid Unlocked’.

The Arkesia Grand Prix is ready to commence. In this racing event, fourteen players will compete in 7v7 by racing around the track. The event will be live for a month, until after the release of the April update.

The March update will also lay the groundwork for Competitive Proving Grounds Season 1. Players can battle each other for prestige and rewards. Additionally, there are new skins and log-in bonuses available for players. Besides the new content, there will be a slew of bug fixes.

What are your thoughts on Lost Ark Online? Have you tried it yet? Are you interested in trying it? What do you think about the March update? What are you looking forward to in the update? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.