Sci-FI Horror FPS Ripout Coming Later This Year

Ripout Is Coming Later This Year

Ripout is a co-op sci-fi horror FPS set to come out later this year. The game, developed by Pet Project Games, is now being published by 3D Realms and will now release on PS5 and Xbox Series X alongside the original PC launch. I want to see a bit more of the game, but I’m enjoying the DOOM vibes.

In Ripout, humanity is doomed. After genetically engineering a powerful bioweapon to save itself from alien invaders, humanity falls victim to its own creation. The player awakens in the year 2084 as one of the last surviving human soldiers. You have to defeat monstrosities as you try to protect humanity’s legacy.

You can check out the trailer on YouTube.

Key Features:

  • Intense Co-op Action: Embark on dangerous missions and explore derelict spaceships on your own, or team up with squadmates in online co-op.
  • Unique Experiences With Each Run: Procedurally generated levels with a variety of objectives deliver endless replayability and suspense. You’ll never know what lurks around the corner.
  • Monstrous Challenges: Fight hordes of enemies capable of reconfiguring their bodies with rogue technology and other, smaller creatures for a new threat. Exploit their weaknesses to survive.
  • Your Weapon Is Your Pet: Your weapon is also a living being that can transform and evolve in battle. Blast your foes or take them apart piece by piece as you see fit.
  • Personalize Your Playstyle: Customize your soldier to find the perfect loadout for your tastes.
  • A Terrifying Future with a Retro Twist: RIPOUT’s visuals, atmosphere, soundtrack, creature designs, and more are inspired by the classic retro vision of the best of ’80s science fiction.

Ripout definitely has my attention. I love a good co-op shooter, and I’m a fan of horror elements. I like the idea of using a living weapon that can change mid-battle.

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Source: Press Release