Morphcat Games Collection Coming Soon to Evercade Systems

Retro Gaming 

Gaming’s past is back. Indie developer Morphcat Games announced today that they have a collection of games arriving on Evercade game systems in May of 2022. A press release about the collection provides details about what fans can expect to find. Additionally a new video trailer for the collection shows players what they can expect. 

Morphcat Games Collection 1

The Morphcat Games Collection 1 is bringing a total of five games to Evercade game systems. Specifically three main games Micro Mages, Spacegulls, and Böbl, as well as, two bonus games Super Bat Puncher Demo and Micro Mages Second Quest. Of course, the standout of collection is Morphcat’s hit game Micro Mages. The game features four player local co-op as well as a modern game’s feel on original hardware. Essentially, Morphcat has built games today that would still have been playable in the 1980’s. 

“We are happy to see Morpchat Games Collection 1 coming to Evercade.” Says Nicolas Bétoux, of Morphcat, in the press release. ““This is so nice to know that players will discover our games and we hope they will have a great time” 

The Morphcat Collection gameplay trailer gives players a glimpse of what to expect to see in the games. It’s sure to evoke ideas of a previous era of gaming, with an appeal to gamers who still long for the platformers of old. 

Morphcat Collection 1 is coming to Evercade systems on May 31st 2022. However, pre-orders for the collection will be available starting March 31st 2022. Are you excited for a blast from the past, so to speak?