Battle Cry of Freedom’s Release Date Has Officially Been Announced

Battle Cry of Freedom’s Release Date Has Officially Been Announced

Flying Squirrel Entertainment is a small European team of developers that first worked on mods for Mount & Blade. The team then progressed to full on video game development and has been working on Battle Cry of Freedom for quite some time. Fans would be pleased to know that the company has officially announced the game’s release date along with the release date for a playable demo. The game is set to release on PC via Steam on March 1st, 2022. Additionally, interested fans can try out the game’s demo from February 21st, 2022. Players can wishlist the game on Steam here.

To make the announcement, Flying Squirrel released a short trailer that shows off the game’s graphics, gameplay and combat elements. The video even gives fans a look at the first person perspective that players will utilize on the battlefield. The game is a mix of third person and first person elements along with tactical decisions that players must make to attain victory.

Battle Cry of Freedom features battles with up to five hundred soldiers, each wielding different weapons such as muskets, rifles and more. Furthermore, players can adopt various roles such as enlisting in the infantry, artillery or specialist groups. Each group will impact the battle in different ways.

Additionally, the game includes a ton of customization options for soldiers, destructible environments and allows players to construct, resupply and destroy. With more than fourteen battlefields, history buffs will see the accuracy represented in the game and the map editor makes it even better.

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